Metaverse Fashion Week, Decentraland. By HYPE. & Vogu.

Incoming Transmission.

We are proud to step into the virtual world of Decentraland, debuting our in-demand digital fashion line on the metaverse’s first-ever runway show, bringing streetwear to the Metaverse. The 31-piece adults unisex collection features a trend-led supreme-contemporary monochrome colour palette, designed by HYPE. and Vogu, worn by you.

One of the hottest lifestyle brands in the UK teams up with one of the premier metaverse identities. Inspired by elements of sci-fi and hypothetical iterations of the world wide web combined with digital, glitch-effect, enlarged, repeated and all-over-printed graphics, in iconic HYPE. tradition. With the emphasis of highlighting and expressing the juxtaposition between reality and the digital world.

The collection boasts scroll-stopping hoodies and t-shirts for everyday wear, showcased in the virtual universe indefinitely and available in reality for a limited time period. With the notion of creating new consciousness in the metaverse using traditional and digital methods and deconstructing them as a human would do.

Highlighting the Spray and Barcode designs, referencing to both HYPE. and Vogu’s creative spaces and brand values. Encompassing HYPE.’s out-of-this-world soft-touch fabric bases, it’s a collection ready for every occasion.

Together, HYPE. and Vogu will set the benchmark for successful web3 partnerships.

Get ready to take on the world and beyond!